The Cheshire Volunteer Fire Department provides fire and Emergency Medical Services to over 3,500 residents of the Town of Cheshire in a 27 square mile area.

All apparatus is housed in their headquarters building located at 29 South Street in Cheshire.

CFD Members:

Francesconi, Tom - C1

Mendonca, Jason - C3
Swistak, Corey - C4
Martin, Shawn - C5
Martin, Kim - C6
Swistak, Trevor - C7
Balawender, Fred - Med 1

Barnes, Danny - Apprentice
Biagini, Mark
Biagini, Mike Sr. - reserve
Biagini, Mike - reserve
Comstock, Craig
Garner, CJ
Garner, Tim
Gwozdz, Fran
Heath, Andy
Kachel, Andy
Krzeminski, Del
Lancia, Brent
Lancia, Brian
Lewis, William
Martin, Fred
Martin, Sandy - Med 6
Paris, Erin - Apprentice
Russell, Gary
Smith, Christopher - App.
Whitney, Quinn

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