Planning Board Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2014  7pm
Cheshire Annex

Roll Call:      Charles M. Howard, Jr., Bernard F. Bator, Francis M. Griswold and Daniel Speth (arrived late)
Attending:    Peter Traub

ABSENT: Christopher D. Walsh

7:00PM  Charles Howard opened the meeting.

Resident Edwin H. Clairmont, Savoy Road, Cheshire, MA 01225 presented his revised plans .  It was signed by the Cheshire Planning Board noting on the plan; “ #7.  There are two (2) houses on Lot 1.  They were present on this lot in June 1970.  Zoning was adopted on June 3, 1972.”  Book:  635  Page:  305   Map: 240    Lot 25 and 26.

Carole arrived from the ZBA meeting at 7:20pm.  August minutes will be email to members for approval.


Section 2.  “Owner of property or an authorized agent.”

Filing Fees.  Section 14 page 5
- Residential and Business fees  = $400.00.
- Agricultural fees                       = $300.00
Bernie made a motion to approve  the above filing fees; 2nd Charlie with a unanimous vote taken.

Dan: Page 3   Section 6A. No issues.

Charlie:  Page 4  Section 7-13 No issues.

Insert the word LICENSED.

Waivers:  Planning Board can waive any and all. Site visits are always advised.
- Discussed the waiver process.

Bernard motioned to accept the Rules and Regulations with changes made; 2nd by Dan.  A unanimous vote was taken.

Next meeting:  Monday, October 27, 2014  7pm  Cheshire Annex.

By Law Committee meeting:  October 13, 2014  7pm  Cheshire Annex.

Bernie motioned to close the meeting; 2nd by Fran.  A unanimous vote was taken at 8:45pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Recording Secretary

Charles M. Howard, Jr.
Bernard F. Bator
Francis M. Griswold
Christopher D. Walsh
Daniel Speth