Cheshire Planning Board Minutes
October 27, 2014

- Presented the MASS Attorney General’s letter to the board regarding the approval of the bylaws submitted. (Solar, Small and Large Wind)
- Will ask Brian and Attorney St. John for clarification of Article 12.  Not going to be bigger than 1/16th of an acre.  State will not reimburse for more than 150% or 1 ½.  Small residential sites get paid from the power company.

- Will ask Brian about MASS Code rather than National Electrical Code.

- In the future, Hearings for application for solar, wind projects, or large wind systems should have a lawyer present.  Charlie requested the Board to review the letter and to email him with suggestions/comments.

- Need to know what the Board can do regarding BONDS to protect our environment.  Charlie will ask Brian and St. John.

Charlie motioned to close the meeting; 2nd by Bernie.  A unanimous vote was taken at:  8:15PM.

To remember:  Buildings/projects/etc. “Should be in harmony with the surroundings”

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Recording Secretary

Charles M. Howard, Jr.
Bernard F. Bator
Francis M. Griswold
Christopher D. Walsh
Daniel Speth