Cheshire Planning Board
Hearing:  July 25, 2016  7PM
Cheshire Annex

Present: Donna M. DeFino, Shannon C. Plumb Francis Griswold, Ronald W.  DeAngelis, and Peter H. Traub

Peter motioned to accept the June 2016 meeting minutes as presented; 2nd by Ron with a unanimous vote taken.

AR – Hill Engineering
The Cheshire Planning Board reviewed the plans for: Frank S. & Rita Lazarczyk, 745 Savoy Road, Cheshire, MA by Hill Engineering Surveyor, Timothy DE. Armstrong No. 51619; Project Number: SRV-1980-001; Boundary Plan.
The front footage was 185 feet – is non conforming and always will be nonconforming.

- Questioned if the plan was making it larger but not making it more conforming.
- Answer:  Correct.

Ron made a motion to approve the plan; 2nd by Shannon.  A unanimous vote was taken.

Dollar General

Fran noted that all around the Dollar General property it is deemed R1.
- The Board reviewed a revised set of plans and noted it conforms to the Notice of Decision.
- Fran motioned to accept the newly submitted plans; 2nd by Shannon.  A unanimous vote was taken.

Peter agreed to notify the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission that he will continue on as Cheshire’s representative.

- Suggested that all members review the by-laws of Cheshire and to be prepared for September and or October’s meeting to go through amendments, to review signage, the Board’s ability to dictate a building’s aesthetics, and to review the Photovoltaic process.

- Donna is working on the AR Application and will be presenting to the Select Board notification of a filing fee of $50.00 or $100.00.

- Suggested the charging of a fee for a Board member to register Notice of Decision with the Northern Berkshire Registry of Deeds. This will be considered at the next meeting.

- Reported several complaints from the Cheshire Lake Association about a plane landing in the lake. Peter questioned if this was allowed.

- Reported that the” Bushika” solar bond has been released.  Chris has the original in the Cheshire Town safe.

- Informed the Board that she will be unable to attend the August 22nd meeting.

At 8:30PM with all business finalized, Shannon motioned to close the meeting; 2nd by Donna with a unanimous vote taken.

Respectfully submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand
Cheshire Planning Board Secretary

Donna M. DeFino
Shannon C. Plumb
Francis Griswold
Peter H. Traub
Ronald W. DeAngelis