Cheshire Planning Board
Hearing:  May 22, 2017  7PM
Cheshire Annex

Present: Donna M. DeFino, Francis M. Griswold, Peter H. Traub and Ronald W. DeAngelis.
Absent: Shannon C. Plumb, Esq.

Donna opened the 7pm meeting.

Resident, Jon Madsen, attended and Donna explained the Town’s processes regarding the Cheshire Planning Board requirements.  Mr. Madsen wants to purchase land from an abutter.  Donna explained the steps to take regarding the submission of a Form A for the Planning Board.  However, she first
suggested Mr. Madsen see the Cheshire Building Inspection to review his plans.

The April 24, 2017 meeting minutes were motioned to be accepted as presented by Peter; 2nd by Fran with a unanimous vote taken.

Eammon from the BRPC and Ed St. John, IV attended as the Chairman of the Cheshire Master Plan Committee.  The Executive Summary for the 2017 Cheshire Master Plan was submitted for the
Cheshire Planning Board’s approval.  Since the April meeting, Eammon stated that the biggest changes were with “Schools and Education.”  The plan foresees long term planning to include possibly connecting with other school districts or to consolidate all schools to the local high school.  Also, to possibly have one (1) campus (5-10) years in the future. All other changes were typos or clarification of language.

Note:  The Cheshire Planning Board has been reviewing the Cheshire Master Plan for a few months and Peter motioned to pass/approve the Cheshire Master Plan as submitted this evening; 2nd by Fran with a unanimous vote taken. 

A letter will be written notifying resident’s of the approval and will be placed on the Cheshire website.
A letter in the form of a Decision will be presented to the Cheshire Board of Selectmen and the Town Clerk for posting.

Peter voiced interest on being a member of the Cheshire Master Plan Implementation Committee.  Fran motioned to appoint Peter for the committee; 2nd by Donna with a unanimous vote taken.  The Planning Board will continue to track process made by the group.

All present agreed that the Master Plan Committee were energetic and that the Town was fortunate to have Eammon spearheading the project.  Kudos to the volunteers and BRPC for an excellent job done.

Eammon will have two (2) bound copies for the Library. 

Eammon and St. John suggested having a one day per week Planner or to outsource a planner/grant writer.  With all of the plans in the Master Plan, grant writing will be an integral part for succeeding in many areas.  St. John, IV noted that the BOS is supportive of the Master Plan as two (2) members are  on the planning group.

- Updated the CPB on the status of getting an article on the warrant for the upcoming June Annual Town meeting regarding marijuana dispensaries.  She stated that due to timing for the hearings, the request could not go forward at this time.  However, there is a one (1) year and two (2) months timeframe which will allow an article to go forward.

- Green Community Assistance.
He will be informing the CPB as the BRPC informs towns as to how to proceed.

Pollution Competitive Grant:
-  This may be another grant opportunity.

2021 Bridge Reimbursement for a new bridge initiative.

Local Airports:
-  Noted one (1) airstrip on Cheshire.  Discussed a local airport recently in the news in the Town of Sheffield, MA.  Question:  “How much control does a town have?”

Housing the Berkshires:
-  Peter attended a meeting with the BRPC and discussed abandoned housing initiative.  Peter felt the criteria may apply to Cheshire.  Cluster Housing was discussed as well as starter homes and zoning strategies for housing. Peter will be researching all of the initiatives and will apprise the CPB in June of his findings.

Next Meeting: Monday, June 26, 2017 – 7pm – Cheshire Annex.

With all business finalized, Donna motioned to close the meeting at 8:30pm; 2nd by Ron with a unanimous vote taken.


Respectfully submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Recording Secretary

Donna DeFino, Chair

Francis Griswold
Peter Traub
Ronald DeAngelis
Nick Adams
Sandra Sloane, Alternate Member