Selectmen's Weekly Minutes

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August 5, 2014

In Attendance: Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski, and Paul F. Astorino
Press: The Courier and iBerkshires

Robert read the meeting minutes of July 29, 2014. Carol made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected; 2nd by Paul with a unanimous vote taken. The minutes should have read the Fire Department instead of the Water Department in regard to the usage of the generator.

- Reported a CCC site visit to Peter Filkins of Willow Cove Road on Monday, August 4, 2014.  The project is:  “On Hold” due to emails from the DEP.  1.  Mr. Filkins should have used a Notice of Intent not an Abbreviated Notice of Intent.  2.  The DEP is returning his filing check.  3.  General concerns with the project.  The contact person at the DEP is Karen Hirschberger.

6:30PM Carol read The Berkshire Eagle Legal Notice for the Guardrail Bid.  No Bids were received.  Carol motioned to close the Bid Opening; 2nd by Paul with a unanimous vote taken.

Highway Department, Peter LeFebvre: 
- Peter will be in contact with the State regarding the lack of Bids for the guardrail project.
- Patching roads.
- Trimmed brush at the Cheshire Community Center.
- A tree on Church Street needs to be taken down.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber
- Discussed insurance coverage for town employees who use their personal cars on town business.  The employee typically has coverage of personal auto insurance for property damage.  The Town’s coverage, which is $1m per incident with a $2m added umbrella.  This includes personal injury to others and property damage.  Personal injury would be the employees responsibility under personal coverage.  Public safety personnel are different.  If a volunteer firemen is responding to a call and goes in a ditch on the way to the firehouse, then damage to his vehicle would be covered up to $5K.  It is the responsibility of the co insurer to notify their insurance company if they drive their own car for town purposes.
- AFG Grant Awarded to the Cheshire Fire Department.  Awarded:  $175K for breathing apparatus.
- Spoke to fire truck procurement specialist who is reviewing the new Fire Truck specs provided by the Chief today.  No prepayments will be made when a contract is signed.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:  continued
- Discussed the Army Surplus emergency generator with the Fire Chief.  After reviewing the specs and the two options, the BOS voted on securing the $4,500 generator. Paul motioned to purchase the generator for $4,500 with a spare for parts; seconded by Carol with a unanimous vote taken.  Mark will research the most inexpensive method for delivery.
- Worked on grant application for the “Work Zone Safety Equipment Self Contained Trailer” for the Highway
Department.  Need to get updated quote from vendor in writing.
- Becky has been in contact with the new Veteran’s Agent and is supplying her with veteran’s payments for the past three (3) years which the new agent will submit reimbursement for.  They are also coordinating the payment and reporting process going forward.  The BOS agreed that front end costs associated with retrieving and fixing records for reimbursements need to go forward as soon as possible.
- Discussed with Becky the Kittay case and the processes performed to go forward legally.
- Paul read a letter from the Adams Community Saving Bank.  The BOS is very appreciative of their donation of $4,370 for a school bus shelter on Richmond Street on bank property.  Paul motioned to place the order for the shelter; seconded by Carol with a unanimous vote taken.  Paul has spoken to Francis Waterman to do site prep work of a 6’x12’ cement slab.
- Viewed the old bridge off of Reservoir Road with Peter.  He suggested first clearing many of the trees from the bridge.  It will be costly to haul them out from the ravine and some of them would require both a bucket and a crane.  The bridge seems to be in good shape considering its age and neglect.
- Carol will scan a copy of the “Potato Salad” project to town attorney for advice.
- Submitted Springfield Housing Court notice re:  Hearing for Pine Valley tenants and Morgan Management.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:  No issues or concerns.

Chief of Police, Timothy Garner:   Submitted weekly report.

Mail and Correspondence:
- Time Warner.  Franchise fee due Cheshire is $24,741.18.  This will be checked into as it appears to be an error.

Carol:  Submitted COA minutes.

Peter Traub:  Announced that he is the new Editor of the Cheshire Chatter.  He also noted that fifteen (15)
COA seniors attended a play at the Williamstown Theater, Williamstown, MA at a cost of $644.00.  This cost was covered by the Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire.  Next year’s grant is due by October 15, 2014.
- Received a $1K grant to expand an outreach program to identify elder special service needs.  This will allocated for staff, telephone and postage.


- Questioned the possibility of viewing the Adams Cheshire Regional School Budget on line.  Carol stated that not all documents are necessary to be on line.  In some cases although the document is scanned, it cannot be placed with a regular document and it is difficult to search out the scanned item. All paperwork can be viewed at the Town Hall.
- Questioned what the procedural system is for not receiving any bids for a project?  Peter stated that bids are date sensitive and all Chapter 90 awards go out to bid.  He will be going the State Highway Department in Lenox tomorrow (Mark will attend also) to go over the situation.

With all business finalized Paul motioned to close the meeting, 2nd by Carol with a unanimous vote taken.
Time:  7:47PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen Secretary


Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman
Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk
Paul F. Astorino, Superintendent Of Buildings and Grounds


July 29, 2014

In Attendance: Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski, and Paul F. Astorino
Press: The Courier

Robert read the meeting minutes of July 22, 2014. Paul made a motion to accept the minutes as read; 2nd by Carol with a unanimous vote taken.

Carol:  Peter recommended tree service for a fallen tree on Notch Road by Fred Balawender.
- Mark will be checking budget items with Lynn.

Resident, John Tremblay:
- Questioned the status of benefits for a former Town Administrator.  Mark stated that the town of Clarksburg will be making a determination regarding their payment first.  The Town of Cheshire has tabled the issue until
other cities in MA make similar determinations.
- No one attended a North Adams NationalGrid meeting regarding outages due to recent storms.

Highway Department, Peter LeFebvre: 
- Mowing continues.
- Rick Salvi will cover Peter’s vacation.
- Bid is out for an August 26, 2014 opening at 7pm for a new dump truck.
- Bid is out for an August 26, 2014 opening at 7:30pm for blacktopping Windsor Road and Wells Road
(3,900 feet for Windsor Road and 4,100 feet for Wells Road) and two hundred (200) feet at the Jenks Road intersection.

Resident Barry Emery:
- Submitted a proposal for an interesting way to solicit donations.  The “Potato Salad Story” on the internet shows how to be inventive when asking the public for donation.  Designer raised thousands of dollars for help in making potato salad.  Barry felt if people gave money for that why not do a similar event for help with the Trolley Bridge. The BOS will consider the project and ask for legal advice.  Note:  Assessor’s cannot say who owns the Trolley Bridge.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber
- Satisfied AFG fire grant questions.  Final approval should be forthcoming on 8-2-14.
- Submitted CORI checks for two Water Department meter reader applicants.  Both returned:  Negative.
- Contacted Town’s insurance to cover Cheshire Youth Football League’s accident policy.  Meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.
- Submitted Legal Notice for Wells and Windsor Road resurfacing.  Drafted job specifications for same and placed the job in the Central Register and MassHighway Prequalification Office.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:  continued
- Submitted Legal Notice for highway dump truck.  Drafted bid specifications for same with three (3) copies for Peter.
- Karmen submitted COA Formula Grant Application for signage and mailing.
- Wrote letter for Lake Shore Drive resident stating that Lake Shore Drive is maintained by the Town for the purposes of providing public safety and convenience.
- Working with Veteran’s to assist in the transfer of services to our new Veteran’s agent.
- Waiting for response from Edmund St. John III regarding Dufour statement.
- Submitted a photo of emergency generator (480-3-phase) by the Highway Department for use by the Fire Department in the event of an emergency.  Approximate cost: $4,500.  Includes:  switch gear; electrical work at plug in site, purchase of two generator units (one for a spare,) transportation and pick up from Letterkenny, PA.
- Spoke with Town’s financial advisor, Clark Rowell of UniBank.  He sent two (2) debt service payment options for the USDA water meter project loan.  A decision will be made as to the best way to go.
- Francis Waterman, Water Department, joined the meeting to answer questions regarding what the job responsibilities of a water meter reader would be and how much time would be involved.  Since this is a new project, the first time the readings are taken will then indicate the amount of time required for the position and how often the readings will take place.  Mr. Waterman noted that there are 562 houses that need to be read by locating the meter and taking a scanner reading.

Carol:  Suggested taking the $4, 500 out of the Reserve Fund for the generator.  Open for further discussion.

Cheshire Planning Board, Charles M. Howard, Jr., Chairman
- Discussed an issue regarding the signing of a document by a newly elected member of the board who had not been sworn in.  The BOS advised Mr. Howard as to how to proceed and to obtain legal advice.
- Mr. Howard noted that the Planning Board is not working on a Cheshire Master Plan, at this time, but they are working on reorganizing the by-laws.  A by law committee meeting will take place on Monday, August 11, 2014 at 7pm in the Cheshire Annex.  The Planning Board welcomes input from the community.  Charlie noted that a representative from the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, Thomas Matuszko, quoted an approximate cost for completing a Master Plan could be from $20K to $30K.  He would assist the board on grant research.

CCC Hearing:  7:30PM.  Peter Filkins reviewed his NOI for 108 Willowcove.  The Board of Selectmen, acting as the Cheshire Conservation Commission will make a site visit on August 4, 2014 at 5pm.  The Hearing will continue until a site visit is made.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:   
- Issued 200 Delinquent Dog Notices.  Any resident negligent in paying the fees will have the Cheshire Animal Control Officer at their residence requesting payment.

Chief of Police, Timothy Garner:   Submitted weekly report.
- Garage doors replaced.
- Recall on vehicles.
- On August 18, 2014 the Police Academy starts.

- Carol discussed the costs for the Virtual Town Hall website.  She is pleased with the progress being made on the site that the town presently is using and she cautioned everyone to remember the other financial concerns that the town is challenged with and hoped that residents of the town were satisfied with the website as offered.

Audience:  Questioned why the painted traffic lines do not last longer than four (4) months and why they were painted in the fall.  Peter answered by saying that the budget constraints cannot afford the best quality paint and school opens in the fall. Therefore, for the safety of our children the lines are fresh so they can see them when crossing.

Mail and Correspondence:

With all business finalized Paul motioned to close the meeting, 2nd by Carol with a unanimous vote taken.
Time:  8:30PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen Secretary

Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman  
Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk
Paul F. Astorino, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds

July 22, 2014

In Attendance:  Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski, and Paul F. Astorino
Press:   The Courier

Robert read the meeting minutes of July 15, 2014. Carol made a motion to accept the minutes as read; 2nd by Paul with a unanimous vote taken.

- Reported a change in the Veteran’s Agent position for the Town of Cheshire.  The new agent will be
Rosanne Frieri.  She can be reached at 499-9433.

Highway Department, Peter LeFebvre: 
-  Peter will be out of town from August 23, 2014 to September 1, 2014.  Carol will speak to Rick Salvi regarding coverage.
- Specs on new truck should be ready next week.
- Will order study guides for hoisting licensing classes to be held in Amherst in September.  Mowing equipment can only be operated by employees who have a Hoisting License.
- Storm damage repairs continue; all roads are passable.

- Discussed the Water Meter employment opportunity with Francis Waterman.  Waterman noted that this is a new position.  He therefore does not know how long the process will take the first time around.  The position may be needed two or three times a year.  The employment posting will close on Tuesday, July 29, 2014.
- A letter of closure will be sent via Certified Mail to former Veteran’s Agent, Rebecca Litchfield. Evan Makrinikolas will be faxed a copy of the letter for State documentation.
- Visited 500 Notch Road with Selectmen Ciskowski on July 22, 20914 at 5:45pm.  They observed no violations.  The issue was due to the owner not filing the Order of Conditions with the Northern Berkshire Registry of Deeds.
- Scheduled a Hearing for August 12, 2014 for an NOI for Ron and Jayne DeAngelis at 7:30PM.
- Scheduled an Abbreviated NOI for Peter Filkins for July 29, 2014 at 7:30PM.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber
- Discussed the health retirement possible benefit for a former Cheshire Town Administrator.  Mark will be researching further as to how the accounting was derived at and what the Town of Clarksburg will be responsible for.  Mark will apprise the BOS as results are concluded when checking into other cities.
- Mark will be researching the best practices for hiring part time employees. Robert requested the investigation into liability insurance, automobile liability and how we look at Vendor’s.  Mark will report back to the BOS the best coverage for this position.  There is a State waiver for seasonal employees which when signed would make them ineligible for unemployment claims.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:   continued
- Reviewed the status of purchasing a surplus emergency generator from PA.  Mark will continue to follow up on a possible purchase.
- Reported that Fire Chief, Thomas Francesconi, is researching fire truck specs.  All fire truck committee members need time to review the specs before submitting a recommendation.
- A meeting will take place on Friday, July 25, 2014 at 9:30 at the North Adams City Hall.  This meeting will discuss the recent electric outages with National Grid representative.  Paul may be attending.
- Submitted copies of the Handbook on Fence Viewers.  A copy was handed to Ken Egnaczak.
- Mark noted that he has scanned the Town by laws and the Zoning by laws on the Cheshire website.
- Seeking a proclamation in support of NARHS which will be sent to the Governor.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:    No issues or concerns.

Chief of Police, Timothy Garner:   Submitted weekly report.

Reported a leaning tree between 83 and 93 Richardson Street.

COA, Karmen Field-Mitchell:
- Karmen reported that her dad donated an electric bed, a new wheelchair, walker and seat to the COA.
- A 32 inch TV was donated for the watching of movies and exercise programs.
- The Greylock Council was cancelled until October 2014.
- A Cheshire COA calendar is being worked on.  The theme is, “Old Time TV Favorites.”  Anyone wishing to participate should contact Karmen at the Cheshire Community Center.
- Project:  Cheshire Christmas post card tree for the Berkshire Museum Christmas Tree Show.
- Trip:  Clark Museum on August 8, 2014.  Lunch will be at the Misty Moonlight Restaurant.
- Waiting to receive a Permission Certificate to show movies at the center.

Resident, Deb McNeice, of 104 Church Street.  Ms. McNeice voiced a complaint regarding loud music.  The BOS suggested she call the Cheshire Police when the annoyance occurs.

Mail and Correspondence:
- Time Warner.
- Berkshire Regional Planning Commission.  Robert accepted the motion that he be the BRPC alternate member for Cheshire, 2nd by Paul with a unanimous vote taken.
- MassDOT.  ST 116 Savoy Road/Dry Brook.  Chapter 90 may be used for the purposes of correcting deficiencies.

Resident, Mr. William Moriarty:
- Questioned at what locations an individual can stand to solicit signatures.  Mr. Moriarty felt the signing of a petition does not have a political agenda and he should be able to get signatures by the Cheshire Transfer Station, etc.  The BOS did not agree.

Resident, Mrs. Eileen Quinn Tremblay:
- Questioned who regulates the signs in town.  Carol noted that the Cheshire Planning Board does.

Motioned to go into Executive Session to discuss Pending Litigation; 2nd by Paul with a unanimous vote taken.
The 7pm meeting with not reconvene.
7:54 PM
Roll Call Taken:
Carol A. Francesconi, Yes; Robert S. Ciskowski, Yes; and Paul F. Astorino, Yes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen Secretary

Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman
Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk
Paul F. Astorino,   Superintendent Of Buildings and Grounds


July 15, 2014 [PDF]

Documentation on research re: amending town bylaws [PDF]

July 8, 2014


In Attendance: Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski, and Paul F. Astorino
Press: iBerkshire

Robert read the meeting minutes of the July 1, 2014. Carol made a motion to accept the minutes as read; 2nd by Paul with a unanimous vote taken.

Resident, Steven LaFogg:
- Reported water damage to road below the reservoir and beaver dams breaking.  Trees are in the brook and if the trees get caught there may possibly be land washouts.  He has notified the Cheshire Water Department.
Additionally, he wanted it reported that he cleaned the trees down and property damage to his land.

Resident, John Tremblay:
- Reported that he was recording the meeting.

- Town of Savoy, “Thank you for the quick response” for the recent washouts.
- Attorney St. John is scheduled to meet with the BOS on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 to discuss the Dufour billing issue, and the Kattay property.
- Request received from Fred Balawender regarding stream clearing on Notch Road.  Peter recommended letting him go forward with the cleanup.
- Request to investigate received from DEP, Karen Hirschberger regarding 13 Wells Road.  An anonymous telephone call to the DEP stated that Mr. Warner was hauling in fill.  Carol made a site viewing and noted he hauled in a tractor which flattened down some of the ruts on his land.  Carol reported no issues.
- Checking into the status of Veteran’s Agents filing of claims.  In talking to other local reps they advised Carol that in some cases it can take up to one year before payments are made.  Carol is checking further into the status of Cheshire Veteran’s.
- Carol checked into the Dunstable website and noted that they used Virtual Town Hall website developers.
The BOS had checked into this a year ago and due to the costs decided against going further with their services.
- Read DOT letter regarding the solar stop sign requested at Lanesboro Road. The DOT will be installing “Stop Ahead” signs several hundred feet before Route 8 begins.  “Intersection Ahead” warning signs will be installed on Route 8 approaching Lanesboro.  Both changes will give motorist advance notice.  The crash history at the intersection did not justify installing a crash countermeasure like a solar powered flashing sign.
- With regret, the BOS accepted the resignation of Eileen W. Nutting from the Historical Commission.  A certificate will be designed to commemorate her 35 years of service.
- Noted that building permits will be going on the town website.

Resident, John Tremblay:
- Thanked Carol for looking into the option of using Virtual Town Hall.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:  On Vacation

Resident, Peter Filkins:
- Information needed to complete a NOI for using machinery near water.  Carole H. will give a copy of a similar project to Mr. Filkins on Friday, July 11, 2014 at the Annex.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:   
- Submitted carryovers.  When Christine spoke to the Advisory Board regarding her salary, she wanted it noted that she receives no insurance and she has accumulated 312 hour of compensation time for election management and that she doesn’t charge the full pay rate.  Paul stated that her information will be considered next year.

Resident, John Tremblay:
- Discussed the space in the vault, the reorganization of files, and the possibility of having shelving installed.  Christine
will be showing  Mr. Tremblay a view of how records are stored and the need for space in general.

Highway Department, Peter LeFebvre: 
- Continuing to work on washouts.
- Working on Sandmill Road
- Will be patching pot holes – dependent on the weather.
- Pipe not in on Daniels Terrace.
- Reported two more days of storms coming.
- Working on truck specs.  Truck would be in possibly in March or April.

- Two (2) applications received for the position of part time water meter reader. (Mr. Lucas and Mr. Witherell.)
Schedule an appointment for Mr. Witherelle for 7:15 on July 15, 2014 with the BOS.

- Will be asking Mark for an update on the Kattay house on Depot that was taken for tax title.  Steve LaFogg is interested in bidding on the property.

- Requested the notice of the Town website placed on the Fire House sign.
- Glad to see state “No Parking” signs at the Whitney Farm Market for traffic safety.

Resident, Mrs. Maureen J. Riley- Moriarty:
- Suggested the Cheshire Police Department post a Police Blotter to advise residents of criminal activity happening in their neighborhoods.  Carol reminded those present that the town presently does not have a full time officer.  It was suggested that a call to the Police Department was appropriate if a resident was feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.

Chief of Police, Timothy Garner:   Submitted weekly report.
- Addressed the question regarding a Police Blotter.  The Cheshire Police Department has a Facebook site for residents to check .
- Request submitted for a new Police Department garage door.  BOS Approved.
- Engine blown on the 2013 Explorer; under warranty.

Resident, John Tremblay:
- Suggested the town develop a long range master plan for the Town of Cheshire.  Carol noted that the Cheshire Planning Board is working on that project.

Mail and Correspondence:
- Time Warner.

With all business finalized, Carol made a motion to close the meeting; 2nd by Robert with a unanimous vote taken.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen Secretary


Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman

Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk

Paul F. Astorino, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds

July 1, 2014

In Attendance:  Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski, and Paul F. Astorino
Press:   iBerkshire and the Courier

Bob read the meeting minutes of the June 24, 2014. Paul made a motion to accept the minutes with the addition of 64’ from the high water mark; 2nd by Rob with a unanimous vote taken.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:  On Vacation

Carole H.:  Reported that Mr. Fred Jajko will be our representative on the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership Advisory Committee.

Emergency Management, Corey  Swistak:
- Updated the BOS on the Route 116 and Windsor Road washouts (5”of rain) on Wednesday,
June 25, 2014.
- Thanked Peter and his crew for their rapid response.  Windsor Road should be finished by Thursday and open to the public.  Water was flowing over the road and it was compounded by a beaver dam letting go upstream.  The hole was approximately 80 feet long by 30 feet wide and 27 foot deep hole.
- Route 116 between Henry Wood Road and Fales Road was scheduled to reopen by 10pm Thursday.
Heavy rains there caused a six foot culvert to be washed out.
Corey noted that all reports have been completed for the State.
Carol thanked Peter and the crew for their efforts and asked about the Causeway.  Peter said there is a area that needs to be cut out and replaced.

Highway Department, Peter LeFebvre: 
- Addressed the immediate needs of Route 116 and Windsor Roads.
- Completed necessary paperwork for washed out roads.
- Cleaned debris and stones from gravel driveways that washed onto Ingalls Road.
- Trucks have been hauling gravel for the road washouts.
- No response from Army Core of Engineers.  National Heritage and the DEP responded with the help of satellite photographs.
- Would like to carry over all accounts including stream cleaning.
- Flooding on Yorkshire and Devonshire.  Center of Town flooding worse Peter has seen in 15-20 years.
- Streams were up to the top and decreased very fast.
- Peter could have used the trailer for carrying cones and signs to the washed out areas.
(Carole H. will remind Mark about the trailer when he returns from vacation.)

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:   
- Carry Over; Election Voting Machine $8K to $9K.  Cards have to go out to get loaded at a cost of $1,200.  This is for State or Federal elections.  Carry Over; books, envelopes and binders.

Cheshire Board of Selectmen    July 1, 2014   Page 2

Water Department, Francis Waterman:
- Discussed the Enterprise Account.  2014 books will close the third week in July and the Enterprise system will be activated.
- Received two applications for the position of:  Meter Reader.  The position will be active two times a year most likely in July and January.
- Briefly discussed that Mr. Waterman will be talking with Becky Herzog regarding loans.

BOS, Robert:
- Informed the BOS that at the spillway of the Hoosac Dam, there is debris which is impeding the water flow.  Robert is willing to clean it.  The BOS thanked him for doing so.
- Asked Peter who the contractor was for Route 116.  Peter answered:  Maximillian.

Resident, John Tremblay:
- Requested the BOS to research if Zoning By Laws override Town By Laws. (Attorney St. John will be asked.)
- Asked the BOS to check out the website of the Town of Dunstable. 
- Inquired about trash around town and the possibility of trash receptacles placed around town.
Peter related such an attempt and the garbage, dirty diapers that the employees had to clean up. Two boxes were at the cheese presses three years ago.  Mr. Tremblay suggested establishing a project for Earth Day.
- Questioned the prospect of having summer concerts around the Town Hall area and possibly closing the area to traffic.  The BOS suggested he speak with the Chief of Police regarding the traffic and then return to the BOS with a proposal.

Resident, Mr.  Moriarty:
- Questioned if the State is responsible for the beaver damage in the recent washout.

Chief of Police, Timothy Garner:   Submitted weekly report.

Mail and Correspondence:
With all business finalized, Carol made a motion to close the open meeting; 2nd by Robert with a unanimous vote taken.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen Secretary


Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman

Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk

Paul F. Astorino, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds