May 16, 2017

In Attendance: Robert S. Ciskowski, Carol A. Francesconi, and Ed St. John IV
Press: iBerkshires
Carol read BOS minutes for May 9, 2017. Robert motioned to accept the minutes as amended; 2nd by Ed
with a unanimous vote taken.

Budget Discussion:
- Mark presented the BOS a draft fiscal 2018 budget up $306,732 which is a 5.5% increase this year. Mark  felt the increase was between education and general town expenses. The BOS reviewed a proposed budget of $5,902,686.
- Robert voiced concerns about the Town’s Clerk’s small increase and encouraged the BOS to relook the increase and consider giving a higher increase.  On hold.  To discuss further.
- Carol voiced the need for setting aside money for building maintenance.  Mark noted that there is approximately $80K in levy capacity and noted the need to be careful in making any increases.
- The Highway Department Budget was increased $26K or 3.3%.
- The Budget review will continue on Tuesday, May 23, 2017.
Highway Department, Blair Crane:
- Repaired catch basin on Stafford Hill.
- Street sweeping is complete.
- Trucks #5 and #3 passed inspection this past week.
- Continued cleaning the ditches on Wells Road in anticipation of upcoming paving in the next week.
- Graded Richmond Hill Road and hauled gravel to fill in washed out areas.  Will need another half day to complete the job.
- Shadowland Cover project is on the schedule for 5/17/17.
Town Administrator, Mark Webber: 
- Discussed leasing possibilities with the school district for business office space and two (2) other entities.  More definitive information is needed before the BOS can review and make a decision.
- Robert wanted it noted in the minutes that he is against proceeding.  There are too many variable; too many questions about the unsure costs.  He does not want to go in blinded and then be a year down the road and be surprised at the costs.  He is open to learning more specifics.
- Mark needs to meet with heating companies to better understand the heating needs and costs.
- After the Cheshire Annual Meeting on June 12th, the Reuse Committee can begin to access the plan for the Cheshire Elementary School.


Cheshire Board of Selectmen    May 16, 2017    Page 2

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:
- Carol reported having a discussion with Attorney, Jeff Grandchamp regarding the Clairmont fence viewing Case.  He revised his legal opinion and will forward a copy to Mark.  Carol also spoke to Attorney Granchamp and said his original opinion stands.

Request submitted in writing from the Cheshire Community Association (CCA) to utilize the trademark of the Mammoth Cheshire Cheese Press for marketing items.  BOS approved.

- Final plans in place for the Cheshire Memorial Day Parade and activities.

- A reimbursement was approved for Andy Kachel for the cost of a physical.  Payment due to Mr. Kachel not BMC.

- Checked the wording for the Chrome Book computers.  “To see if the Town will vote to appropriate the sum of $20K from the Capital Stabilization Fund and transfer the same amount to the Cheshire Elementary School Laptop Computer Account for the purpose of purchasing laptop computers and associated equipment for the exclusive use of students attending the Cheshire Elementary School, with the express understanding that these computers shall not be utilized for other purposes without the approval of the Town, or take any other action in relation thereto.”  Article Passed

Chief of Police, Tim Garner:  Weekly Report Submitted.
- Updated BOS on the knee injury of a police department employee.  Chief Garner will keep the BOS apprised of a return to work date.  Presently claiming Workmen’s Compensation.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:   No issues or concerns.

Resident, Brian Astorino:
- Discussed using the field at Cheshire Elementary for movie nights on Saturday after June 30th.  BOS approved.
- Brian reported that the locks have been changed and the septic system needs pumping.  The BOS suggested getting the costs for the maintenance and report back to the BOS.
- Brian reported that Adams Trucking will be providing the manpower and clay for the field. 

Mail and Correspondence:
- MIIA participation credit on Property and Casualty: $2,190 for July 1, 2017 invoice.

 Advisory Board meeting with the BOS. On Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

Robert motioned to go into Executive Session “To discuss strategy with respect to collective bargaining or litigation if an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the governent’s bargaining or litigating position.  Also, to conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with non-union personnel; to actually
conduct collective bargaining and contract negotiations with non-union personnel.” The 6:30 meeting will not reopen.

Roll Call:  Robert S. Ciskowski, Yes; Carol A. Francesconi, Yes; and Ed. St. John IV, Yes.

With all business finalized, Robert motioned to close the meeting at 8:10PM; 2nd by Carol with a unanimous vote taken.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen’s Secretary

Robert S. Ciskowski, Chairman
Carol A. Francesconi, Clerk
Ed St. John IV, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds