June 10, 2014

In Attendance:  Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski, and Paul F. Astorino

Bob read the meeting minutes of the June 3, 2014 meeting. Paul made a motion to accept the minutes; 2nd by Carol with a unanimous vote taken.

Issued:  One Liquor Licenses:
(4) Licenses for the Cheshire Rod and Gun Club- collected $200.

- Requested Carole H. to advise Veteran’s Agent, Rebecca Litchfield, to attend the BOS meeting on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 between 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

Water Department, Francis Waterman:
- Discussed the methods for reading the new water meters.
- Two (2) meters left to install.  Once completed Mr. Waterman will be able to closeout documents to be submitted for the grant.  Mr. Waterman will advise Mark of the submittal.

Highway Department, Peter LeFebvre: 
- Discussed the status of Highway Department employees and their Hoisting Licenses.
- Clearing waterways on Route 116.
- Discussed vacations.
- Completing research on Mack Trucks and International trucks.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:
- Met with Peter Franz regarding the Selectmen’s budget being prepared before the Town election or Town meeting.  Mark will work on getting the report out 1-3 week prior to the Town election or Town meeting.  Mark said this is an attainable goal.
- Submitted draft report of the Water District/Water Department Report.  Additional topics might be included as well as feedback.
- Spoke with Mr. Dufour today and sent him some information regarding the problem of the $34,400 overpayment/double billing needs to be resolved by McCann.  Also, asked Bill Craig to schedule a meeting with the Superintendent.
Cheshire Board of Selectmen   June 10, 2014   Page 2

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:   continued
- On vacation for two (2) week beginning June 30.
- Clerk/Selectmen Secretary’s computer files are corrupted.  Barry Emery couldn’t fix it.  Will call Neonet next week when Chris returns from a conference.
- Submitted last year’s Highway Department’s contract for renewal.
- Discussed light bulb program for the Fire House.  In order to take advantage of the free LED high efficiency light bulbs from the State program the Town would have to purchase 12 fixtures at $275 with additional cost of the installation proved to be too expensive to proceed.
- Mark commended Tom Francesconi on his presentation for a new fire truck at the Annual Town Meeting.  Mark stated that the information was pertinent, to the point, and articulate.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:    No issues or concerns.

Chief of Police, Timothy Garner:   Submitted weekly report.
- Will introduce Cory Demary to the BOS on 6/17/14.  The Chief would like to have Cory on ride alongs for June and July.

Mail and Correspondence:
- COA meeting minutes.

-  Suggested that the BOS meeting minutes be placed on the Town’s website and updated weekly.  Carol noted that the website license for the year is $100 and the IT person is Lynn Melchiori who is volunteering her time.  Mark also mentioned that Gerry Garner wants to have building permits and all applications on line.

- Requested a letter be sent to the Cheshire Planning Board updating them on the moving of the Lion’s “Welcome to Cheshire” sign from Whitney’s to the Town’s property on Rt. 8 opposite the Fire House.  Paul wanted to inquire if there was any paperwork the Lion’s would have to complete due to the location change.

With all business finalized, Carol made a motion to close the open meeting; 2nd by Paul with a unanimous vote taken

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand
Board of Selectmen Secretary


__________________________________________ _______________________
Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman

Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk

Paul F. Astorino, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds