January 16, 2018

In Attendance: Robert S. Ciskowski, Carol A. Francesconi, and Ed St. John IV
Press: iBerkshires

Carol motioned to accept the minutes as presented for January 9, 2018; 2nd by Ed with a unanimous vote taken.

Cheshire Highway Superintendent, Blair Crane
- Submitted Weekly Activity Log for 1/10/18-1/16/18.
- The majority of the week consisted of snow removal, maintain snow removal equipment, and addressing emergency flash flooding needs.
- Robert commended the highway team for an excellent job of containing and cleaning an ice jam on Route 8 and washouts at other town locations.

Residents at 268 Wells Road and 270 East Harbor Road inquired about the status of the Ayotte case.  Due to the litigation, no discussion is permitted.  When public information is available, residents will be informed.

Town Administrator, Mark Webber:
- Mark reported that the Complete Streets committee has narrowed down possible projects to two (2) or three (3).  After their February 6, 2018 meeting at 4pm, Mark will be able to present the BOS with the final analysis and a recommendation on how to go forward.
- Mark attended the Monthly Town Manager’s Meeting and gathered pertinent information regarding new marijuana regulations and zoning issues.  This information was shared with the BOS for their review as well as Donna DeFino, CPB Chairman.
- Met with Kathy Stevens of the MASS Highway.  Blair is now familiar with the reimbursement process and will be working on outstanding past reimbursements.
- Mark’s RFEI was approved by the BOS with some additions.  Carol will email the committee members a final copy. This document will clarify if there are interested individuals regarding the reuse of the building.  Robert requested Mark to work with assessors on information presented on the assessor’s cards.  There appears to be a discrepancy on dates, acreage, and the concession stand. Robert suggested the school have an inspection which is similar to an advanced home inspection.  All agreed.  When the RFEI is public the return date will be Tuesday, February 27, 2018 and a walk through will take place on Tuesday February 13, 2018 at noon.

Berkshire Regional Planning Commission: Will Sikula
- After a discussion of clarification, the BOS signed a Designation of the Environmental Certifying Office.   Ed motioned to appoint Carol A. Francesconi to the Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant Program for 2018; 2nd by Robert with a unanimous vote taken. Additionally signed was a document addressed to Mark Southard, MA Department of Housing & Community Development pledging to appropriate $60K through town meeting warrant to supplement CDBG Housing Rehabilitation funds in the event that the grant is awarded.
- BRPC will advertise a Public Hearing for Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 7pm in the Cheshire Town Hall, second floor.
- Reported receiving correspondence from Superintendent Putnam regarding an article in the Berkshire Eagle about abuse cases at the high school in the 1970’s.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:  No issues or concerns.
- Reported that Representative Neal’s Aide, Matt, will be holding hours Wednesday, January 24, 2018 from 9:00am to 11:00am at the Cheshire Town Hall.

Police Chief, Timothy Garner:  Submitted weekly report.

- Inquired if the BOS had any contributions, thoughts, suggestions for the Regional Agreement Committee. The committee will be meeting on Monday, January 29, 2018.  The meeting will discuss Section 4 which will explain how the towns will financially contribute to the school district. Ed stated, "Everyone needs to focus on improving the education of all of the children in the district instead of trying to reopen a school that would only take away funds from education."
- Carol: Inquired if Ed had received any input from Cheshire parents since the change has taken place.
- Ed: He had not.

- Questioned the status of the plowing of private roads, 3-5 Selectmen, status of the Town Hall roof estimate; fire house roof; receiving information on the oil tanks at the Cheshire School. (Blair is researching the last item).

Mail and Correspondence:
- Received 12 Applications for Evictions from Pine Valley MHC LLC for residents living at Pine Valley Mobil Home Park, Cheshire, MA 01225. 

- Motioned to have an Executive Session meeting on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at the end of the open meeting: “To conduct strategy sessions in preparation for negotiations with non-union personnel or to conduct collective bargaining sessions or contract negotiations with non-union personnel.” Seconded by Ed with a unanimous vote taken.

Carol motioned to go into Executive Session: “To discuss strategy with respect to collective brgaining or litigation if an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the bargaining or litigating position of the public body and the chair so declares"; 2nd by Ed with a unanimous vote taken.

Roll Call:  Robert S. Ciskowski, Yes; Carol A. Francesconi, Yes; and Ed St. John IV, Yes.

With all business finalized at 7:50PM, Carol motioned to go into Executive Session; 2nd by Ed with a unanimous vote taken. The BOS will not return to the 6:30PM open meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen’s Secretary

Robert S. Ciskowski, Chairman
Carol A. Francesconi, Clerk
Ed St. John IV, Superintendent of Buildings and Groundsv