June 5, 2018
In Attendance: Robert S. Ciskowski (RC), Carol A. Francesconi (CF), and Ed St. John IV (ESJ)
CF makes a motion to accept the Board's May 29, 2018 meeting minutes. ESJ seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.
- Highway Supt. Blair Crane issues his weekly report. Activities included: grading of gravel roads; removing roadside logs and post winter clean-up; equipment maintenance; mowing of Town properties, including Cheshire Elementary and; truck inspections. Blair notes that Berkshire Gas has been working on correcting a gas leak at the corner of Church and Depot. CF asks about washouts on a section of Windsor Road. Blair responds that the repair work is not yet completed and the area will be seeded and hay mulched at the end. CF asks if wood chipping at the Transfer Station is still taking place. Blair responds that, yes, but only when time permits. CF asks about making the backhoe available to the Board of Health to move items around the Transfer Station. Blair responds that it has been moved to an accessible area and already is accessible to Board of Health. RC asks about the merits of a 6-wheel dump truck versus the proposed 10-wheel truck. Blair provides a cost and functional analysis and feels that the larger truck provides more benefits at a lower cost over the 10-yr expected usefulness of the truck.
- Resident Fred Balawender issues complaints about potholes around town and why they haven't been fixed. Blair responds that he has been working on them steadily and tries to complete one whole area before mobilizing to the next, rather than jumping around. Mr. Balawender says that he's never seen so many potholes and would like them fixed faster. RC notes that Blair is short of employees during the month of June due to vacation scheduling.

- Town Administrator Mark Webber gives his weekly report, including the following items:
- provides a 3-page review with back-up information for next week's Annual Town Meeting warrant and asks the Board to respond by email with any questions prior to  next Monday.
- Received some information from Planning Board member Peter Traub on the State's Abandoned Housing Program. Board will need to review but asks that Mark follow up  and get the process moving.
- Mark notes a few items of clarification after last night's mini town meeting. 1) "dispose to the highest responsible bidder" does not exclude a trade in. 2) the Planning Board  chose to go with the minimum number of allowed licenses in the proposed marijuana  bylaw. Per GL, Cheshire is allowed either 2 or 7 retail alcohol licenses (2 all-alcohol and 5  beer and wine only). So, either way, 20% still comes out to one license per category,  which is in the CCC's regulation.
- Mark communicated with the Highway Union negotiator and she agreed to include the language that was discussed last week. AFSCME union representative Nadine Kennedy  will be here next Tuesday at 9:00AM to meet with Mark and the Highway Department  members to, hopefully, sign an agreement.

- Donna DeFino, Planning Board Chair, discusses the upcoming Annual Town Meeting warrant article to amend the Zoning Bylaws with the addition of a comprehensive marijuana bylaw. Her fear is that the meeting will get bogged down by proponents. ESJ responds that, as Moderator, the discussion will be kept to the subject of land use and not the merits or detriments of marijuana use. Furthermore, only Town residents will be allowed to speak. ESJ adds that the Planning Board should be prepared for possible amendments from the town meeting floor.
- Chief of Police Timothy Garner drops of his weekly activity report and asks the Board to appoint Amilo Justino as a part-time police officer for the normal probationary period. CF, based on the Chief's recommendation, makes a motion to appoint Mr. Justino as a part-time Cheshire police officer. RC seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.
- CF notes that Gillette Brothers will be providing amusement rides at the July 7th Cheese Festival and that they carry the required liability insurance.
- Resident Mark Biagini asks why the Cheshire Police don't run more radar in the downtown area instead of Rte 8 and Fred Mason Rd. Board will pass along the concern to the Chief of Police.
- Resident Fred Jayko states that the used clothing depository in the Cheshire School parking lot is overflowing and is a mess. Blair Crane responds he's requested that the shed be removed if it can't be emptied regularly.
- RC states that after the Annual Town Meeting, he'd like to pick up the pace on the Green Communities initiative. Opportunities are available for energy costs savings which the Town should qualify for.
8:05 PM: With no additional business to come before the Board, CF makes a motion  to adjourn the meeting. ESJ seconds the motion. Vote taken, 3-0 in favor.
Respectfully Submitted,
Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen’s Secretary
Robert S. Ciskowski, Chairman
Carol A. Francesconi, Clerk
Ed St. John IV, Superintendent of Buildings and Groundsv