October 9, 2018
6:00PM Open Meeting
In Attendance: Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski
Board conducts the business session of the meeting by reviewing and approving weekly payroll and vendor warrants.
Carol opens the regular portion of the meeting.
Carol makes a motion to accept the Board’s October 2, 2018 meeting minutes. Robert seconds the motion. A unanimous vote was taken.
Highway Superintendent, Blair Crane:
- Submitted a Weekly Activity Log for 10/3-10/9 2018.
- 55% employees on vacation/sick/Holiday or other time off.
- Approximately 1/2 line striping completed.  Rest to proceed next week.
- Mowing grounds and or roadsides.
- Road grading and repairs - Outlook Avenue pothole patching.
- Inquired about the status of the Water Department and the Depot Street Bid.
Town Administrator, Mark Webber:
- Spoke with BRPC representative, Will Sekula regarding the Housing Rehabilitation Grant.  Final  documents from the State are forthcoming.  In the meantime, potential applicants are being  contacted.
- Met with Becky and the Berkshire County Insurance Group on this date.  The group is in the final  stages of dissolution after being formed 18 years ago. Several months ago, 16 or so member  towns and districts migrated over to the larger established County Insurance Group.  By the end  of January, each of those 16 (former) members will receive one time disbursements of the  Group asset fund, based on enrollment as of June 30, 2018.  It should be a sizeable amount,  which will go towards Free Cash.
- Hoosac Lake District has had their Free Cash certified in the amount of $5,050.
- Lynn is working on submitting the Town's Free Cash calculations for certification.
- Six (6) applicants have submitted applications for the position of Town Administrator. Mark requested the scheduling of an Executive Session (GL CH. 30A, Section 21a.8) for October 23, 2018 at 7:30PM for a preliminary review.
- The Fall County Selectmen's meeting is on October 18, 2018 at Skyline Country Club.
- Reported that the trough in front of Town Hall has been repaired.  Robert noted that it is a historical structure and one that continues to add beauty to town. Carol continued with updates on the status of different town structures and the needs forwork to be completed.  The BOS is in contact with Douglas J. Wooliver & Sons and the emergency fire house repairs will be started on October 22, 2018. To shingle the fire house, the cost will be $46,990. Four (4) overhead doors need replacing; $3K-$5K each.  All are different sizes and a new furnace will be $10K-$15K.
- Town Hall needs to be re-pointed as well as the repairs to the soffit of which Wooliver is aware.
- The BOS is aware of what is needed; $200K-$300K.  However, the money is not always there.
- The Cheshire Elementary School is a priority and the BOS is very aware and keeps track weekly if not on a daily basis as to changes.
- Although some suggest a new fire house; estimates come in at $300K to $500K.  This project will not be happening this year.
Robert: "The BOS knows what needs to be done.  We don't get into long term solutions."
Carol: "We already have $100K invested into the school."
In conclusion, the Cheshire Board of Selectmen voiced affirmative statements regarding their knowledge, priorities, and financial abilities to resolve all issues challenging the town.
- Questioned Mark on insurance for the renting of a grader.  According to MIIA, the owner should have a certificate of insurance. Mark will be following up on this and report back to the BOS.
- Robert is concerned about opening the Town up for issues by running the machine.
- Robert said, "Although the photographs on the Adams-Cheshire School District's website and are indicative of the Adams area, he would like the BOS to contact Superintendent Vosburgh to include Cheshire photographs.
The Cheshire Implementation Committee Members: Barbara Chaput, Misty Sarkis, Peter Traub, Blair Crane, and Christine Emerson were present.  Ms. Chaput presented a Summary of their efforts.
"Outreach included:  A public opinion survey (341 responded)
       One Public Forum (50+ people attended)
       Four Listening Sessions (65+ attended)
       Stakeholder interviews (27 persons)
The CIC suggested actions to the following top priority items could be grouped into these categories: Business Housing (Mark suggested using Residential)
The BOS and the CIC reviewed all departments and where they would fit into the Master Plan including the Appalachian Trail Committee, DCR, Cheshire Lake Association and the Cheshire Recreation Committee for Infrastructure.
- Carol noted that the BOS was not included in the list and reminded all that the BOS is the  overseer.  Carol thanked the members for their past efforts and for their diligence in going  forward.
Cheshire Police Chief, Tim Garner
- Submitted Weekly Report. 
Christine Emerson:
- No issues or concerns.
- Issued three (3) one (1) day liquor licenses to Whitney's Farm Stand for  10/6/7/8.  $150.
Resident, Peter Traub:
- Peter was glad the Master Plan presented an overview this evening.  They are working together to have all Boards work together.
Mail and Correspondence: 
- Carol motioned to go into Executive Session to: "To discuss the reputation, character, physical condition of mental health, rather than professional competence, of an individual, or discuss the discipline or dismissal of, or complaints or charges against, a public officer, employee, staff member or individual."; 2nd by Robert with a unanimous vote taken. The 6:30PM meeting with reopen.
The Cheshire BOS returned to the 6:30PM open meeting at 7:30PM
Roll Call:  Carol A. Francesconi, Yes; and Robert S. Ciskowski, Yes.
7:30PM  National Grid Electric Pole Hearing.
Present:  Karen Drain, Mr. and Mrs. Kittler, Lynn Kolodziejczyk, and son.
Carol read the notice for National Grid for a pole placement by property owner, Brian Johnson of 286 Outlook Avenue.  Blair requested the pole to be placed back four (4) feet more from the road.  Although the National Grid representative had already staked out the pole she was willing to move the stake to accommodate Blair's request.  Carol motioned to give permission to install the pole according to Blair's request; seconded by Robert with a unanimous vote taken.
Plan: 26825984 and dated September 21, 2018.
Respectfully Submitted,
Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen’s Secretary
Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman
Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk