October 16, 2018
6:00PM Open Meeting
In Attendance: Carol A. Francesconi, Robert S. Ciskowski
Press: iBerkshires
Board conducts the business session of the meeting by reviewing and approving weekly payroll and vendor warrants.
Carol opens the regular portion of the meeting.
Carol makes a motion to accept the Board’s October 9, 2018 meeting minutes. Robert seconds the motion. A unanimous vote was taken.
Highway Superintendent, Blair Crane:
- Submitted a Weekly Activity Log for 10/10-10/16 2018.
- Completed: Tree work. Equipment maintenance. Mowing of grounds and or roadsides.
- Road grading and repairs.
- Two (2) call out on Monday night/Tuesday morning for downed trees.
- Waiting on parts for the Cheshire Community Center heating system.
- Catch basin cleaning completed for the year.
- Road grading un progress on Stewart White Road and Thursday on Jenks Road.
- Line striping should be completed this week - weather dependent.
- Letter submitted from Kenneth Keyes regarding Shadowland Cove Drainage dated June 1999 for permission for a "Maintenance Right of Way" for drainage behind his home.
- Submitted a Snow and Ice Removal Policy for approval.
- Alarms will be checked at the school on November 8m, 2018 at 8am-8:30am.
- Questioned Blair if he had noticed the pond near Bedard Brothers had risen.  Blair had and  reported the problem came from beavers.  The State is aware of the issue and believes the  beavers will be relocated.  Beaver intelligence has dammed other areas that the State is aware  of also.
- Met with Superintendent Vosburgh regarding photographs on the Adams-Cheshire Regional  School District's website. There are now equal photos of both Towns on the site.
Resident, Gary Trudeau:
- Questioned the status of road repairs to Outlook Avenue.  Blair reported that the asphalt plant  will be open until the week before Thanksgiving. Paving is weather dependent.
- Inquired about the possible need for possibly hiring an additional person to cover maintenance at the Cheshire Elementary School. The BOS is always evaluating needs and will consider the suggestion.
- As the Cheshire member to the Greylock Group, Mr. Trudeau wondered if the BOS had any questions for him to present to the Group. An audience member noted that some people drive to the summit only to find no parking available.  The suggestion was made to request the Group to consider a sign at the bottom noting the waiting time before driving up.
Town Administrator, Mark Webber:
- Mark reported that he received nine (9) applications for the Town Administrator position.  An Executive Session is planned for Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 7:30pm. Finalists will be interviewed in open meeting session.
- ABCC liquor licenses have been received and the new year process has begun for renewals.
- Interest in leasing a portion of the school is in negotiations.
- Inquiry received from the Town of Lanesborough seeking dialogue for shared ambulance service.
- Contacted the Attorney General's office regarding construction procurement.  Mark is seeking emergency procurement approval for the Town's fire station repairs.
- Pat Mullins, BRPC representative, will attend the Selectmen's meeting to finalize the Housing Assistance grant paperwork and to review the program.
- The date on the Lease Agreement for the school has been changed and initialed by Carol. Mark will convert and amend the agreement for the collaborative now in the school.
Assessor, Barbara Astorino:
- Recommended to the BOS the appointment of Nancy Delorey for the position of Assessor.  Carol  motioned to appoint Nancy Delorey as the Assessor to fill the term until the elections in May;  2nd by Robert with a unanimous vote taken.
Cheshire Water Department:  Rick Gurney and Francis Waterman:
- Discussed the status of water repairs to Depot Street and the need to coordinate with the Highway Department for efficiency/completion/and planning of the project between the two (2) departments. Biggs Waterman noted that he is in contact with Tighe and Bond and wants to have one (1) Bid for three (3) separate projects for Depot Street, Mill Hill Road, and Richmond Street to start in April.
- Mr. Waterman announced that he would not be running in the May election due to an early retirement.  He is looking for a replacement now so they can become acclimated to the departments procedures.
Cheshire Police Chief, Tim Garner
- Submitted Weekly Report. 
Christine Emerson:
- Fence Viewers signed letter to Mr. Clairmont and Dr. Beisiegel was hand delivered by the Cheshire Police Department.
The Finance Committee:
- After finishing their meeting, the group stopped in to inquire about the status and procedure for selecting a new Cheshire Town Administrator. All questions were addressed.
Mail and Correspondence:
With all business finalized, Carol motioned to adjourn; 2nd by Robert with a unanimous vote taken.
Respectfully Submitted,
Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen’s Secretary
Carol A. Francesconi, Chairman
Robert S. Ciskowski, Clerk