May 7, 2019

6:00PM Open Meeting

Present: Robert S. Ciskowski, Chairman; Mark Biagini, Clerk; and Jason Levesque as the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.
Press: iBerkshires

Board conducts the business session of the meeting by reviewing and approving weekly payroll and vendor warrants.
Robert opens the regular portion of the meeting.
Robert motioned to approve the minutes of April 30, 2019; seconded by Mark with a unanimous vote taken.    
Robert opened the meeting by welcoming Jason Levesque and Mark Biagini as Cheshire Selectmen which were voted in on Monday, May 6, 2019. Selectmen Biagini will serve for three (3) years and Selectmen Levesque will serve for one (1) year.

Mark motioned to have Robert as the Cheshire Board of Selectmen, Chairman; 2nd by Jason.
Robert motioned to have Mark as the BOS Clerk; 2nd by Jason.
Robert motioned to have Jason as the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds; 2nd by Mark.
A unanimous vote was taken.

Town Administrator, Ed St. John IV, requested to put the Executive Session meeting minutes of Tuesday, April 30, 2019 on hold until Town Counsel has time to review them.

A presentation was given by Superintendent Vosburgh and Erika Snyder regarding a decrease in assessment for Cheshire from the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District.  The Foundation assessment is made up of two (2) parts:  Minimum Local Contribution and Over Minimum Contribution.
“A Minimum local contribution number is calculated by the Department of Education
- Minimum Local – The amount each town is required to contribute towards education for the schools to which it belongs – based on each town’s ability to pay
- Ability to Pay – based on the town’s municipal wealth –aggregate property values and aggregate personal income
- The percent share of minimum local to the towns has historically been 65% for Adams and 35%     for Cheshire”

Adams was under assessed by $107K and Cheshire was over assessed by $107K.  

“Towns accept the additional appropriation – adjustments are made to correct the assessment figures – Cheshire receives a reduction to their 4th quarter assessment in the amount of $124,892 and Adams engages in a payment plan for the $53,517 owed.”

- Robert questioned if a decision had to be made this evening.  
- Ed saw the benefit of moving forward and was ok with OPTION 1.

- Mark felt comfortable if there were to be no cuts at the school.

- Jason noted that Adams would not be having a negative impact as they would be using free cash.

Robert motioned to accept the proposal as submitted utilizing OPTION 1; 2nd by Jason with a unanimous vote taken.

Highway Superintendent, Blair Crane: Weekly report submitted for 5/1/19-5/7/19.

- Safety Chainsaw Training completed.
- Researching out of date lights for the cafeteria.
- Attended the Mass Highway Association meeting last week.
- Chapter 90 has not been signed as of last Thursday.
- Noted that the Asian Longhorn Beetle eradication was discussed at the meeting.  Mass Department of Agriculture recommends reporting insects that you find that are unfamiliar.
- Discussed the deterioration of the ball field at the school and the lack of no one managing it.
- Met with Mike Kruszyna and Mark Warner regarding the status of “old” West Mountain Road and the placement of a fence with gates across the old roads right of way.  Additional time is needed to research facts before issuing his report to the board.
- Issued driveway permit for Sand Mill Road.

Town Administrator, Ed St. John IV:  Weekly report submitted for May 7, 2019.

- Ed congratulated the new Selectmen and noted the new location of the meeting. (Cheshire Community Center.) Typically BOS meetings are held in the Town Clerk’s room.  Space has become an issue and future meetings will be held at the Cheshire Community Center on     School     Street.
- On-going discussions with the Adams Cheshire Regional School District regarding their revised budget.  Ed has made revisions to the FY 2020 budget and will provide copies to the BOS.
- Time spent on preparing for the 2019 Cheshire Annual Town Meeting.
- Holding informal meetings on May 23, 2019 to review the budget and May 30th to review warrant items.  Time:  7PM.  Location: Cheshire Community Center.

Town Clerk, Christine Emerson:  At Town Hall
Mail and Correspondence:    

- Robert read letters from Linda and John Bianchi offering to be on the Council on Aging as Alternate Members.  The BOS will discuss further on Tuesday, May 14, 2019.  Robert thanked Linda Bianchi for the offer and they will be advised as soon as possible.

- Wanted to discuss the possibility of changing the Memorial Day Parade route to downtown.  
- Had mixed feelings and felt a consensus of residents was needed before making a change.
- Has received suggestions from residents, thus the new concept.
- Before making a change, more time is needed to review the options.
Cheshire Police Chief, Tim Garner:  Submitted the Weekly Police Report.

Robert wanted to continue by making appointments.  However, Mark felt it should wait for the two (2) new Selectmen to be elected.  Robert explained that that was not a good idea and waiting would not be acceptable according to Mass General Law.  

Robert motioned to go through the list and recommended that appointments be made; 2nd by Jason with Mark abstaining.

Robert motioned to accept the appointments as listed with the exception of the Fence Viewer and the Representative Arts Lottery Council/North Berkshire Arts Council as they have openings: 2nd by Jason.  
A unanimous vote was taken.


Cheshire Council on Aging   Barbara Proper    2022
                            Anna Farnam            2022
                            Margaret Gwozdz        2022

Chief of Police                 Timothy Garner

Sergeant                        Michael Alibozek

Officers                  David Tarjick
                            Trish Carlo
                            Amalio Jusino
                            Dylan Vandoloski
                            Cody Alverez    

Special Detail Officers                    Alison Warner
                            Peter Mazzacco
                            Paul Maloney

Town Administrator/Chief Procurement Officer/
BRTA Representative                    Edmund R. St. John, IV

Selectmen’s Secretary Administrative Assistant to the
Town Administrator/Planning Board and Zoning Board
Of Appeals Secretary                    Carole A. Hilderbrand

Superintendent of Streets/Tree Warden/Measurer of
Wood and Bark/Inspector of Ditches            Blair Crane
Emergency Management Committee

Treasurer                        Rebecca Herzog

Accountant                        Lynne Lemanski

Building Commissioner/ADA Coordinator/
Zoning Enforcement Officer                Gerald Garner

Local Building Inspector                    Mark Kruzel

Inspector of Wiring                    George Sweet

Assistant Wiring Inspector                Leslie Rhinemiller

Inspector of Gas/Plumbing                Bruce LaPerle                
Assistant Inspector of Gas/Plumbing            John Burzimati

Emergency Management Coordinator            Corey Swistak

Harbormaster     Blair Crane

Emergency Management Coordinator            Corey Swistak

Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator        Fred Balawender

Animal Control Officer/Animal Inspector        Myron Proper

Keeper of the Pound        Everett Martin

Director of Veteran’s Services/Veteran Burial Agent    Stephen Roy

Right to Know coordinator        Richard Francesconi

Farm Commission      Eric Whitney     2022
                            Joseph Wrenn      2022

Greylock Advisory Board                Gary Trudeau

Recreation Committee                    Robin Poirot
                            Heather Emerson
                            Andrew Kachel

Delegate to the Northern Berkshire Solid Waste
Management Program                    Richard Salvi

Rent Control Board                    Robert S. Ciskowski
                            Jason Levesque
                            Mark Biagini

Memorial Day Parade                    Robert S. Ciskowski
                            Jason Levesque
                            Mark Biagini

Conservation Commission                Robert S. Ciskowski
                            Leah Kruszyna
                            Raymond Killeen

Emergency Management Committee         Robert S. Ciskowski
                            Jason Levesque
                            Mark Biagini
                            Blair Crane
                            Timothy Garner
                            Thomas Francesconi
                            Corey Swistak
                            Edmund R. St. John, IV
                            Richard Salvi
                            Travis Delratez
Historical Commission Diane Hitter         2022
                             Robert Hitter     2022

Board of Registrar of Voters         Gary Herzog      2022

Election Official      Alison Warner

Assistant Election Official     Ronald Lancia

Fire Chief     Thomas Francesconi

Zoning Board of Appeals        Thomas Zappula
                            Dale Grimshaw
                            Stephen Marko

Alternate Zoning Member       Robert Balawender

Master Plan Implementation Committee        Peter Traub
                            Atalanta Sungeroff
                            Misty Sarkis
                            Blair Crane
                            Robert Daugherty
                            Barbara Chaput
                            Christine Emerson

Complete Street Committee    Edmund R. St. John, IV
                            Diane Hitter
                            Blair Crane
                            Peter Traub
                            Christine Emerson

School Use Committee   Mary Ellen Baker
                            Heather Emerson
                            Bethany Demarco
                            Peter LeFebvre
                            Sandra Sloane
                            Christine Emerson                
- Offered the opportunity of time for each Selectman to address issues or concerns.

- Questioned the process for a Citizen’s Petition such as the one submitted by Justin Kruszyna andreturned for submission to the Town Clerk first.  Ed will schedule the petition to be on next     week’s Agenda. The petition is in regarding to outdoor marijuana cultivation.

- Requested a copy of the school budget.

A discussion took place regarding the time frame for holding a special election for increasing the three (3) Selectmen to five (5) Selectmen.  Ed will speak with Town Clerk to agree upon a date.  Robert put the topic under advisement until May 14, 2019.

Comments from the audience on the Cheshire Community Center’s space were positive.  Robert also announced that plans were in the works for televising the proceedings.

With all business finalized, Robert motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:00PM; 2nd by Mark with a unanimous vote taken.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carole A. Hilderbrand, Board of Selectmen’s Secretary

Robert S. Ciskowski, Chairman
Jason Levesque, Clerk
Mark Biagini, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds